The team here at has been promoting and investing in small businesses and you since 1998. We pride ourselves on the quality of work that goes into each and every product of ours and firmly believe that; the product is unmatched, the quality is far above any industry standard, and that you as the customer will be satisfied without compromise. We make sure that every item embroidered is not only the exact one you want but that there are no flaws, defects, or asymmetrical qualities before the item even gets to a machine. The embroidery price of $3.99 can’t be beat and with no minimum order, we here at specialize in one off custom work for you. The screen printing process is state of the art and it offers un-compromised excellence through the life of the item. Words we run our corporation on and every employee believes is: If you can think, dream, or even verbalize it we can create it and surpass any expectation.

With every team member well educated and versed in the over 2000+ products that are carried, we are able to get what you want, what you need, and what you’ve just gotta’ have! Our product line includes: Hanes, Nike, Adidas, Ogio, Cherokee Scrubs, Port Authority, Van Heusen, Red House, Columbia, Timberland, Dri-Duck, with many more. Also feel free to stop in with your own item that you want personalized. Here at we will never say “not a problem”, but it is always “Our pleasure!” and that is not our slogan or our motto but the team’s core belief.

Your company logo will be digitized at no cost with a sample sew out completed for your approval, before we let your items become embroidered. We also have no set-up fees or hidden costs! It is our pleasure to serve you and has been for years; plus with our machines having the ability to handle up to 15 different colors and over 300 color choices we can match or create any look you desire. Where most companies would have a problem, our company not only has no problem but, it is our pleasure. Not to mention our un-paralleled turnaround time, and when we guarantee a delivery date it is there with no compromise! We also offer free local delivery and the opportunity to meet each team member including the owners if you want, with a tour of the process at any time. We stress that no order is too small and that we are always able to accommodate you as the customer in any way we can. Please stop on by our store, call or e-mail us, or even check us out on Facebook where every month we run a special.