Rewards Program

Hard work should never go unrewarded.WOW Dollars 2_Page_1

Research continues to show that maintaining a well-rewarded workforce leads to improved company performance. Studies have examined the crucial role that incentives play in motivating employees and inspiring them not only to achieve, but to surpass company performance goals.

NFRMC has teamed up with LogoKick to put our money where our mouth is and offer NFRMC employees $5 rewards program coupons which can be used exclusively on and redeemed for REAL savings on scrubs and related uniform purchases offered there. Best of all, you can combine your single-use coupons for use for an increased savings opportunity if you would like!

Pnurseslease note that these coupons are given in $5 increments can only be used one time. Contact your supervisor for more details on how to obtain your Rewards Program coupons.


Using your rewards coupon is easy!

After you add your selection to the shopping cart, you will be able to enter your coupon near the bottom-left of your screen. If you have more than one coupon, you can enter them one-at-a-time and you will see their value noted in the sub total. Then just proceed to the checkout page to enter your employee ID, any embroidery info, and payment details. It’s easy!



Here are your Reward Products!

  • ne200_deepnavy_front_ga18

    NFRMC Hat

  • white-hat-with-navy

    NFRMC Hat white with blue

  • lst650_bluelake_form_front_ga18

    NFRMC Ladies Light Blue Polo

  • lst650_truenavy_form_front_ga18

    NFRMC Ladies Navy Blue Polo

  • st650_bluelake_form_front_ga18

    NFRMC Mens Light Blue Polo

  • st650_truenavy_form_front_ga18

    NFRMC Mens Navy Blue Polo

  • 4132_NF

    Rewards–44-inch Umbrella

  • 4139_NF

    Rewards–58-inch Umbrella

  • binder-web

    Rewards–Contemporary Portfolio

  • sunshare-portrait

    Rewards–Sun Shade